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Vanilla Musk fragrance Oil

The Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil from Nemat is a sweet gourmand scent which lingers on throughout the day - one drop goes a long way. This fragrance can be described as sweet and enticing, with vanilla as the central note supported by musky undertones.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews

Smells delightful and last a long time

A. Allen
Incredible, lasting, deep warm scent!

I never really write reviews, but since putting rolling this on my wrists, I cannot stop smelling them. Seriously! Home alone, just smelling my wrists because this scent is just remarkable.

I was hesitant to buy it at first, because despite the great reviews, I don't generally like vanilla as a scent. I find it overpowering and artificial. But I took a chance, and this scent isn't artificial at all! It is sweet and warm, with a great depth. It smells like a hug and a kitchen with great cakes baking, if that makes any sense.

It also layers incredibly well! I added my citrus perfume over this and loved how after a few minutes, though I could no longer distinctly smell vanilla, my perfume had a new depth and warmth to it. The scent also lasts all day, so it really can be used alone or as a base scent layer. I wish I could diffuse this smell throughout my house!

Just the scent you need

Vanilla Musk has become my go-to fragrance, versatile enough for any occasion. Whether I’m heading to the office, meeting friends for coffee, or enjoying a quiet evening out, this scent never feels out of place.

Fav scent

I have the mini roll on and just a little bit is so strong and smells delicious, definitely my favorite perfume

Meredith Soriano
Not Vanilla Musk

I was so excited when I saw this in Ulta Beauty, but I was disappointed by 2 things…. The price is completely outrageous for the amount of oil that you get. This is way way WAY overpriced, My next disappointment would be the scent, This is advertised as a Vanilla Musk… Where is the Musk? There is nothing Musky or Skunky about this. There’s no Cedarwood or Sandalwood to make this a musk. This is more of a candy Vanilla so it’s false advertising…. All the girls that are wearing this so in love with this have no idea what a musk is and this is not it.