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Nemat In The News



"For fragrance though I’m frickin’ obsessed with this little [perfume] oil I have. It’s from Whole Foods, it’s called NarcissusIt’s like jasmine-ywoodsy. I definitely like those tones, rather than like a bright, crazy fragrance. This is subtler."                                                                                                                                      -Ruby Aldridge, model/musician (in an interview with Into the Gloss)


"Such a sexy, sultry smell. I always feel a little more mysterious and desirable when I'm wearing it."            -Amy (in an interview by Byrdie)


"If you prefer warm vanilla and musk [...] this long-lasting Vanilla Musk perfume oil not only stays on all day (it's all oil and contains zero alcohol), it costs less than $15 and you can even pick it up at Whole Foods!"  -in Cosmopolitan Magazine "7 Warm-Smelling Fall Fragrances Perfect for Cuffing Season"




"These are my favorites currently."                                                                                                                                      -Billie Eilish, musician/music artist (post on Instagram Stories)

Billie Eilish Nemat Amber oil fragrance