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Exotic Perfume Oils

Lotus Fragrance Oil

The Lotus flower is India's national flower. It is used in religious ceremonies in India. The fragrance blend of Lotus that we have presented is a strong, floral, fruity, delicious note.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Dena in Oregon
My new signature scent

I bought 10 sample sized oils to try, but LOTUS is the one i like best. Its soft and feminine and not too heavy. I liked it so much i bought 2 bottles. For a quality attar fragrance, the price is really reasonable.

Beautiful floral

If you’ve ever smelled Ylang Ylang essential oil, this reminds me of it! It’s a beautiful floral scent. When someone says floral, I always think of Jasmine. But this is so different than Jasmine. It’s unique and soft. Feminine.


Smells like a sweet flower very nice

Sophisticated and powerful

I got this scent after purchasing the amber one because my goal is to own all the scents. I got the 10ml bottle (go big or go home) and it smells differently than I had imagined it. It smells like an Avon perfume my grandma would have in her medicine cabinet while also smelling fresh (I do love vintage perfume scents) The scent is a good statement scent that can be worn on its own or mixed. It is very strong, a little lasts a long time. I’m not convinced it’s my favorite or a scent I personally would wear every day but nemat never disappoints and it does smell great :)


I bought the lotus sample on a whim. Love the scent and will get the bigger size.